Painting Skirting Boards

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If you are planning to purchase some skirting boards for your home, then take into consideration the fact that you can actually paint them at home in the desired color. If you find this idea quite interesting then we will show you in the following how to paint your skirting boards.

Choose the Paint
First of all, you need to choose a color that you like and that suits your interior. The most common colors for these items are usually white, grey, or brown. However, you can also choose something brighter such as yellow, pink, or blue. You can either choose the same color as the walls or you could go for something totally different in order to create a wonderful contrast. If you are looking for a simple look then it is highly recommended to go for white, but if you are feeling adventurous then a darker and contrasting color would be a better choice.

Consider a High-Quality Brush In order to apply the paint very well and easily, you will need a high-quality brush. A small to medium size would be perfect, in case you don’t have tall skirting boards. Keep in mind that the type of brush you choose depends on the type of paint you use. For example, if you have bought a water-based paint then you will need a synthetic paint brush. On the other hand, if you have an oil-based paint then you must purchase a natural bristle brush.

Paint Your Skirting Boards
Once you have bought the paint and the brush it is now time to paint your items. Make sure the surface is ready for application. It is important to sand the skirtings in order to make sure there is a very smooth as well as even surface upon which to paint. In case you have ordered primed skirting boards, then there is no need for you to follow this step. The surface must be extremely clean. If you are repainting your old skirtings, then clean them by using soap and water. For obtaining a professional finish, it is highly recommended to use tape around the edges so that you can apply the paint only where you need it. In some cases, a second coat of paint is needed. It is not always the case, but most of the times it is necessary. Once the paint is completely dry, you must remove the tape. As a recommendation, you could paint your items with emulsion. Many people don’t know about this option, which is actually quite good. You will be surprised how attractive and hardwearing the finish will be. If you decide to go for it, then make sure you properly prepare the surface before painting. The best thing is to abrade the surface. By doing so, the emulsion will have a good surface to adhere.

Painting skirting boards is not a difficult process as long as you know exactly what tools you need and what steps to follow. Therefore, if you are looking to create something beautiful and unique for your home, then don’t hesitate and start painting your skirtings.

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